The most important question that anyone can ask regarding a church is, "What does the church believe and teach?" While the article below may not answer every question you have about Believers' Baptist Church, we do want to assist guests and inquirers in learning more about us. We are convinced that the church must not be so broadly open that it fails to make vitally important distinctions that the Bible itself makes. At the same time, however, we do not insist that every person share the same precise set of theological convictions on every matter.


We seek to be centered on God’s glory.

We believe that God’s glory consists of the overwhelming and overflowing beauty that stems from the sum of all His attributes (e.g., His love, wrath, mercy, justice, etc.) working together in perfect harmony. We believe that we exist to glorify God by enjoying Him forever. This belief is inevitably expressed through praise. We praise what we delight in. Our delight is incomplete until it is expressed in worship. We worship by varied means (preaching, music, testimony, giving, fellowship, obedience, etc.) at Believers’ Baptist Church.

We are an elder led, deacon served, autonomous, congregational church.

This concept refers to our form of governance. We believe that the clear biblical pattern is for churches to be governed by elders who lead jointly by what we refer to as a Council of Elders. Their leadership should be according to scripture. Deacons will be of assistance to the Council of Elders in varied areas of service. The congregation will be served and led well by the efforts and leadership of these two offices. This council will bring recommendations to the church for discussion and for a congregational (members in good standing) vote when applicable. We are an autonomous church. If we choose to align with any other grouping of churches for fellowship, evangelism, missions, etc., this does not alter our status as an autonomous church whose only head is Christ.



These are the beliefs that characterize our church. We affirm these beliefs as important in the sense of being profitable for Christians to believe. We are further convinced that as one comes to appreciate these beliefs, he/she will grow to love and honor the Lord Jesus Christ more fully and understand more richly what it means to live by His grace. Acceptance of all these beliefs, however, is not required for membership in Believers’ Baptist Church. One can join and be a participating member of the church without holding to any but the “evangelical” distinctive mentioned in the first section of this article. Elders and Deacons, however, must hold to all these values. It is our absolute and unwavering conviction that to be strong in truth without being gentle in manner is unbiblical. It is also our profound conviction that to be gentle in manner while not adhering to scriptural truth is also unbiblical. By God’s grace, we desire to be both as we press on in the Lord’s glorious design for Believers’ Baptist Church.

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