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How to Join

Since the Bible is the rule for faith and practice in our church, church membership is taken seriously.   Both Christ and Paul pointed us toward membership for our spiritual encouragement, protection, and instruction.  The following is the four-step process by which to join Believers' Baptist Church.

Request of Membership

  • Admission by baptism.  Any person professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, giving evidence of change of life and having accepted the faith, values, aims, and ideals of Believers' Baptist Church may be received by baptism upon the examination and subsequent recommendation of the Council of Elders.  Valid New Testament baptism is that which is received after a faith commitment to Christ.
  • Admission by experience.  Any person requesting membership other than by baptism; (statement, letter from church of like-faith, or restoration), shall be received into the church the same way as those by baptism, except the ordinance shall not be administered.

Membership Interview

Subsequent to a request for membership, a 30-35 minute meeting between the prospective member(s) and the pastor or Council of Elders will be scheduled.  The purpose of the meeting is for the perspective member(s) to provide basic biographical information and to recount God's spiritual work in his or her life.  After signing the Church Covenant, the prospective member may move to the next step in membership:  elder recommendation.

Elder Recommendation

Subsequent to the Membership Interview, the pastor or Council of Elders will review the prospective member(s) testimony.  Upon agreement, the prospective member(s) will proceed to the next step:  congregational affirmation.

Congregational Affirmation

Whenever applicable, the prospective member will be presented to the congregation as a new member of Believers' Baptist Church upon recommendation by the Council of Elders in a public worship service.