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All of our sermons are stored and accessed here:


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The "Asking for a Friend" Podcast was created after a request was made for a platform where people could ask questions regarding faith and have them answered by the elders of Believers' Baptist Church. This podcast exists as a weekly resource for the edification and knowledge of God's people.

Look for a new episode every Tuesday.


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At Believers' Baptist Church, we want to do our best to communicate why we do what we do. These short videos are intended to clarify the ways in which we strive to be a healthy church that glorifies God.


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At Believers' Baptist Church, we believe the songs that we sing teach us about who God is and the truths of God's Word. You will find a collection of the songs we sing on the channel.


At Believers' Baptist Church, we believe that the best place for children to learn faith is within their own homes. In conjunction with the Faith@Home resource center we have produced these short videos to show parents and guardians how they can teach their children in simple, yet powerful, ways.


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