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Emory, TX

Believers' Biblical Counseling Center

Providing free counseling for those who are seeking lasting answers

Is there any hope?

God's Word gives answers for dealing with problems that we face. While our problems do not simply evaporate, we can gain hope and help when we submit to God's instruction and hold onto His promises. We believe the Bible gives us everything we need to live for Him in a God-pleasing way.

  1. Real answers to life's problems from the Bible. It is your Creator's handbook for living. It will help you think and live in a way that pleases God. It will give you a Biblical worldview so you can understand your problems in a whole new way.

  2. Encouragement in your successes by counselors who care for you and treat you with respect.

  3. Respect of your privacy unless, in the opinion of your counselor, there is a biblical requirement to involve others (e.g. criminal activity or a danger to yourself or others).


What can I expect?

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What is expected of me?

  1. We expect you to be willing to learn and apply God's Word to your life.

  2. We expect you to attend each week's session and do weekly homework assignments that will encourage real and lasting change.

  3. We expect you to come regularly for a few weeks. Old habits were not learned overnight and new habits take time to develop.

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Meet the Team


Where do I start?

  1. Call 903-474-0027 to get details and assitance in setting up your first appointment.

  2. Obtain and fill out required forms listed below:

    1. Personal Data Inventory form

    2. Consent to Counsel for BBC Members form

    3. Consent to Counsel for Non-Members form

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