Guest or One Time Giving

A Transaction fee of 2.9% will be applied


  1. Click the Donate Button and a new window will open.


  2. Enter in the amount you want to donate and click how you want to pay.


  3. Fill out the information. There will be a box to click if you want an email sent to us, letting us know that you sent money.

Believers' Baptist Members Giving


A Transaction fee of 2.7% will be applied on Credit/Debit Cards

A Transaction fee of .15 cents will be applied on ACH/Checking


  1. Click the button "CLICK HERE TO GIVE" and a new window will open.


  2. Here you will need to set up and account. This is what you will need to set up account.

First Name

Last Name

Mobile Name


(You will need this when you log back in)



  3. Click the button "Sign Up" and it will take you to another page to login and set up payment methods. (Will need Username & Password to login)

4. Click on the blue words"payment details" to set up ACH, credit, or debit accounts. You may set up recurring payments.

5. If you ever want to change anything in your account click the button "CLICK HERE TO GIVE" and at the bottom of screen click on black words  "Sign In"

ways you can donate:



You can give at one of our services or feel free to drop by the offices

Monday - Thursday or Friday by appointment. 


Scroll back up where you can give right now! It is super easy, and directions are posted just in case you need help!



You can mail your giving to:

Believers' Baptist Church

1133 N. Texas St.

Emory, TX 75440

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1133 N. Texas St.

Emory, TX 75440

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