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We believe spiritual growth should be pursued, not only on a Sunday morning, but as a  daily lifestyle out of a love for God and a desire to express gratitude for His sacrifice. 

Likewise, the Bible teaches us that the best and most effective place for children to learn faith is within the walls of their own home. Studies support the biblical truth that children grab hold of faith best when their parents model and teach it daily!

In light of these concepts, we have sought to supply our church and community with a resource center that provides books for gospel-centered growth and resources that make teaching faith to your children less intimidating and very doable. 

 Resources are provided at 50% off of what you will find them at in any other store. We want these to be accessible for everyone! The resource center is open daily during business hours anyone is welcome to come look through the materials. 


Any of the brochures on this wall are free to take - topics include anger, raising children, divorce, sexual identity, etc.

Stack of Books

Online resources coming soon

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