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What's the next step?

Since the Bible is the rule for faith and practice in our church, church membership is taken seriously. Both Christ and Paul pointed us toward membership for our spiritual encouragement, protection, and instruction. The following is the six-step process by which to join Believers' Baptist Church.

Request of membership.  

This request could be made through conversation with an elder or via a public request in a worship service. 

When the request is made, the prospective member(s) will receive: our Doctrinal Statement, a copy of The Church: Her Nature, Authority, Purpose, and Worship by Dr. Jeffery D. Johnson, and an invitation to the next scheduled membership class.

Membership class.

In this class, there will be five key components:

  • Doctrinal Statement

  • Why Membership Matters

  • What is a Healthy Church

  • BBC Distinctives

  • Life Together


Membership interview.

In the interview, there are four key components:

  • Clarify all necessary biographical information

  • Gospel explanation from the prospective member(s)

  • Personal testimony of prospective member(s) including baptism and prior church involvement

  • Check for prospective member(s) understanding about Doctrinal Statement (do they have questions?)

Public presentation.

Introduce prospective member(s) before a Sunday gathering of the congregation.

Congregational affirmation.

Vote to affirm membership at the next scheduled members meeting.


Sign Church Covenant.

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